About Us




Our company was founded in 1991 and over the years have dealt with the design of various kinds of construction objects, which we present in our reference list. We also provide and services of technical supervision during construction of the facility.

From a review of our reference list can be seen that we have designed high rise buildings, as follows: residential buildings, economy facilities, large stores, business building, industrial facilities and complexes, high shelf storehouses and warehouses, distribution centers, as well as landscaping around the buildings ie complexes with complete infrastructure.

Within the technical documentation we design the following phases:

– Architecture and construction;

– Water, sewer and hydrant installations;

– Electrical installations low and high voltage, transformer stations;

– Design of fire detection and fire alarm systems;

– Mechanical installations, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, cooling towers;

– Main design of fire protection;

Also as part of the design we make a plan of preventive safety measures during construction the object and the elaborate the energy efficiency of the building.

We have the necessary licenses and all phases of the projects are made by licensed designers permanent employees as well as external cooperation in case of need.

We design construction in classic reinforced and prestressed concrete as well as in steel, with details of reinforcement and workshop drawings for steel construction.

Within our business we provide to obtain necessary building permits for construction of facilities and usage permits.

All programs for design development on our computers are licensed and legal.

The satisfaction of our customers is reflected in the fact that we are constantly engaged in its new development projects.

We believe that we can fully response to a request for the design of new production facilities and commercial complexes according to the given technology.

Our team, with regard to the experience he has, can respond to the tasks that will be imposed on him.


With respect!